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We can help you with stump grinding and removal 

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Stump removal services in Keighley, West Yorkshire

Stump removal is not an easy process as stumps are incredibly tough, and tend to be held fast to the ground by their complex root systems. Stump grinding is considered to be the best method of removing tree stumps. However, to grind tree stumps you need specialist equipment that can weigh up to 1,000 pounds, meaning it is best to call Green & Tidy Tree Care.

From removing one stump to clearing out a wide area, we undertake projects of every scale. Take a look at our gallery of completed work.
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To get stump removal done by Green & Tidy Tree Care in Keighley, West Yorkshire, call 07506 729 731

Why choose stump grinding?

  • Keeps your garden tidy

  • Low cost compared to stump removal

  • No need to fill the stump hole

  • Generally a quick process

  • Can be used as mulch afterwards

big size stump
stump being removed using machinery

Modern stump removal techniques

Our experts will use a hydraulic lever and grinder wheel to grind the stump and clear the rocks from around the stump. Apart from stump removal we also undertake other types of landscaping work

We work according to your convenience at affordable prices and we work in Keighley and the surrounding areas of West Yorkshire. To learn more, contact our team members today.
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